FC1Many homeowners do not realize that foreclosure can be defended in Florida. This does not mean the homeowner will prevail and not have to pay the delinquent payments. However, if a homeowner’s equity in their home is protected by a defense and they are not subjected to a fast foreclosure, the homeowner will come out ahead.

When a lender has not been paid their monthly payments when due, the borrower has defaulted on the mortgage and note. This does not mean the borrower must leave the property immediately as is the case when a renter fails to pay rent.

A continuing default on a mortgage gives the lender a right to seek the judicial sale of the borrowers Florida residence by bringing a foreclosure action under Chapter 702 of the Florida Statutes. In almost all instances the borrower is “in the wrong” not because they wanted to stop paying on the mortgage but simply because events in their life resulted in the financial inability to pay on their mortgage. Although the borrower has defaulted that does not mean the homeowner has to rollover and abandon their home or just stay there and wait for the inevitable.
An experienced Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney can use all legal means to protect your home when you face foreclosure.

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