Halt Mortgage Foreclosure - Reduce or Eliminate Mortgage Payments

"I started one of the first foreclosure defense firms in Orlando in 2008" - Robert E. Strick Esq.

Florida is a "judicial" foreclosure jurisdiction - this is very important to understand because it confers procedural and substantive legal rights upon not only the mortgagee(borrower) but on all persons with a legal interest in the subject property. A mortgage default gives rise to the right of the mortgage lender ( or servicer) to bring a foreclosure action under Chapter 702 of the Florida statutes. The mortgage lender will then pursue a judicial sale of the property and the entry of a deficiency judgment.

Foreclosures can be defended and losses can be mitigated.

If your equity in your home is protected by a defense and you are not subjected to a fast foreclosure, the homeowner will come out ahead. Do not abandon your home - protect your equity!

Strick Law Firm will use all legal means to help you keep your home. However, you must act quickly to avoid foreclosure on your home. In almost all cases you only have 20 days to respond to the summons and complaint. Call me now for a free consultation.